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Because of the current COVID-19 situation, we are making some adjustments to our normal way of operating.  More specific guidelines will be released soon but here is a general overview of the changes we are considering:

    • If the registration numbers allow for it, U10 teams will play within GUSA rather than playing in the cross association.  U8 teams will continue to play games within GUSA and U12 and above teams will continue to play games in the cross association or in Powhatan.
    • We are considering trying to form teams that have players who attend the same school in order to reduce the number of new contacts any one player has. Our ability to do this will depend on registration numbers.
    • In anticipation of the season being canceled if Virginia returns to phase 2 or below, the U8 and U10 age groups may have a game schedule that shortens the season by a few weeks. Games may be scheduled during the week and/or on weekends.  There may be multiple games in a week so that the teams can complete the season sooner. 
    • No handshakes or high fives after the game.
    • No sharing of water or food.
    • Player's personal belongings will be spaced out during practice and games.  
    • Hand cleaning will be encouraged and parents are requested to provide hand sanitizer for your child.  GUSA will provide some hand sanitizer and hand washing is available in the bathrooms.
    • Face coverings will be requested to be worn by anyone not actively participating in a practice or game. Families will be requested to provide their own face coverings.  Buffs are recommended for players as they are easy to pull up and down and don't get misplaced as easily.
    • Physical distancing for players will be implemented whenever possible during practice and on the sidelines during games.  Anyone observing practice or games should also remain physically distanced.
    • Parents will be responsible for ensuring that only healthy children attend practice.  Parents are requested to notify GUSA of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case in the player's household. In the event of a positive COVID-19 test for a player or a member of a player's household, GUSA will assist the health department with contact tracing based on the team rosters and will notify teammates. 
    • Because it is impossible to play a soccer game without being in close proximity to other players and possibly unsafe to play while wearing a face covering, playing soccer will be higher risk for COVID-19 transmission than some other sports.  You will be asked to accept a waiver acknowledging the risks.  (Waiver is part of the online registration or available here.)

    In the event of a canceled season, refunds will be given as follows. The refund schedule is based on the fact that most of our expenses occur prior to or at the start of the season.  It's possible that we may be able to give credit for a future season in lieu of a refund. 
    • If the season is canceled due to a COVID related shutdown before the first week of scheduled games, 100% of the registration fee minus the $6.99 in processing fees can be refunded.  
    • If the season is canceled after the second week of scheduled games, 50% of the registration fee minus the $6.99 in processing fees can be refunded. 
    • If the season is canceled after the fourth week of scheduled games, no refunds can be given.