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Skills and Exercises

Here are some resources for coaches and players looking to improve their skills and conditioning



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Drag Back Turn

dbturns_shoulderfake.pdf (page 1)

Football Skills Coach - how to do a drag back turn(first minute)

Shoulder fake

dbturns_shoulderfake.pdf (page 2)

HowCast How to do a shoulder feint

Cruyff Turncruyff_turn.pdfFootball Skills Coach - how to do the Maradona and Cruyff turn (first minute)
Roll overHowCast How to do a rollover



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Strength and Flexibilityoa_coaches_guide_v4.pdf Remain in the Game

Training Sessions:

Soccer PRO TIPS by DICK'S Sporting Goods

Richmond Kickers Youth Rec Training Videos (YouTube)

US Soccer Federation Soccer for Success - at Home 
Ball ControlSoccer for Success  - at home 1
Dribbling with both feetSoccer for Success - at home 2
Striking the ball with the inside of the footSoccer for Success - at home 3
English, Spanish
Acceleration and turning the ballSoccer for Success - at home 4
English, Spanish
Dribbling while keeping your head upSoccer for Success - at home 5
English, Spanish
Transition from Defense to OffenseSoccer for Success - at home 6
English, Spanish